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ASR AFRICA grants N2.5 Billion to Kwara State Government to build oncology and diagnostic centre in Ilorin

Set to be the Largest Oncology Research, Treatment  and Diagnostic Centre in West Africa

Ilorin, 6jul2021

The Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative (ASR Africa) – brainchild of Industrialist, philanthropist and founder of BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu, and the Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq led Kwara State Government, jointly announced the  construction of the largest oncology and diagnostic centre in West Africa to be built with a 2.5billion Naira ASR Africa Tertiary Health Systems Infrastructure initial grant which was recently awarded to Kwara state by ASR Africa from its annual $100 million Africa Fund for Social Development and Renewal.


Receiving the design for the Oncology Center from Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq of Kwara state, Abdul Samad Rabiu, founder of BUA Group and ASR Africa said the construction will commence on-site before the end of august.


Speaking at the presentation of the grant and visit to the proposed site, Kabiru Rabiu, Group Executive Director of BUA Group, representing the Chairman commended the Governor of Kwara State, H.E. Abdulrahman for his commitment to healthcare development, social infrastructure, maternal and child health, and education which are also the pillars of ASR Africa’s vision. “I will like to commend and congratulate Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for all the achievements and development his administration has brought to Kwara State in the healthcare sector, infrastructure and education. This so much aligns with the vision of Alhaji Abdul Samad Rabiu through the ASR Africa Initiative. We are proud to partner serious and committed governments to make interventions and sustainable impact in healthcare and development for the benefit of the people.


The ASR Africa Oncology and Diagnosis Centre is a standalone facility dedicated to Oncology diagnosis, research and treatment, and this would go a long way in bridging the gap in cancer research, diagnosis and treatment in West Africa. “We appreciate the seriousness with which Governor Abdulrahman and his team have put to kickstart the project in line with our Mutual Accountability Framework. We are moving to site as early
as August and the Chairman, Abdul Samad Rabiu has mandated that the Oncology
center must be completed before the end of 2022”. Kabiru Rabiu added.


In his response, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq of Kwara state thanked Abdul Samad Rabiu, Founder/Executive Chairman of BUA Group and initiator of ASR Africa for the grant and noted that “Kwara is lucky to have the attention of Alhaji Abdul Samad Rabiu, BUA Group and ASR Africa”.


“We take healthcare very seriously and that is why this program is important to us and we thank Alhaji Abdul Samad Rabiu for this legacy project. This oncology and diagnosis centre is a legacy project that will last beyond all of us and for years to come this would be a
priority project which will anchor our health care system.


“Kwara is open for business, we are going to begin private-public partnerships in the healthcare sector so that we will have sustainability”.


While speaking on the COVID-19, Governor AbdulRazaq said the state recorded a low mortality rate during the peak of the pandemic because government had rebuilt the oxygen facility to accommodate the high demand of oxygen as well as strengthened systems to manage the pandemic.


The brainchild of African Industrialist, Philanthropist and Chairman of BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu, the Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative (ASR Africa) was established in 2021 to provide sustainable, impact-based homegrown solutions to developmental issues
affecting Health, Education and Social Development within Africa.