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Begin your process by visiting the applications page and registering as either a part of the government, private body or an NGO.
Explore the checklist of all information you’ll need for a successful application and ensure you have everything before you begin.
If you need any help during the application process, feel free to visit the FAQs or contact us for more enquiries.

Application gets

We will review all submitted entires that have give all required information as outlined in the checklist.

Funds are

If your application is approved, we'll let you know by reaching out to you and the funds will be disbursed once all checks are complete.

Milestones are

We will regularly check in with you to ensure that milestones are achieved.

Your Application Checklist

01. Organization Information

This is the general information about your organization which includes your basic details, contact information, basic details of the organization’s leadership and information of a contact person who is a principal staff that will manage the project and will be the point of contact with the ASR Africa.

02. Organization Profile

Your company’s profile uploaded as a PDF (max. 5MB) document. The profile should contain your company’s objectives, organizational structure, governance and staffing. For international organizations, highlight any field presence (regional/country offices) and roles and responsibilities of headquarter and field offices. Information on staffing is required to assess the capacity of the organization to implement the proposed project.

03. Project Information

This is the general information about the project which includes its title, goal/objectives, location, planned start date, duration, budget, amount requested from ASR Africa and the project’s current status.

04. Project Brief

Your project brief uploaded as a PDF (max. 8MB) document. This document should contain:

  • An executive summary of the project
  • Background and main rationale of the proposed project.
  • Project Goal and Specific Objectives
  • Project Main Components/Activities and expected Outputs/Deliverables
  • Project Workplan
  • Project inputs (human resources, efforts, equipment, material, facilities and all non-financial resources required to carry out the project activities)

    • International or national staff including government recruited, suppliers of special services, consultants and experts
    • Physical facilities, basic office premises, equipment and materials, office services, sub-contracting supplies, fellowships, training materials, etc.
  • Direct and indirect Beneficiaries of the project, and other indicators, as appropriate
  • Justification of the impact and necessity of the project.

  • Implementation ( Main divisions/units within the organization applying for the grant, and external partners that will be directly involved in project management, i.e. monitoring and supervision, and implementation of grant funded activities, clearly defining their respective roles and responsibilities.)

  • Clear disbursement and implementation plan, and, as required, a procurement plan.
  • Specific measures designed for sustaining the project results after the termination of the project
  • Main risks that could affect project implementation and proposed mitigation measures
  • Results-Based Logical Framework (RBLF)
  • Detailed Project Budget/Cost



  • If the proposed grant is part of a broader investment, indicate project preparation status.
  • Co-financing status (pledge/expression of interest, firm commitment, agreements signed with other donors or co-financing already available/partly or fully disbursed). Furthermore, it should confirm interest, and approval of the proposed intervention/activity by the authorities of the parties concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a grant?

You can apply for the ASR Africa grants through three (3) stages:

  1. By applying through the ASR Africa website
  2. By downloading and filling the online form and submitting to the ASR Africa Abuja office
  3. By submitting hardcopy proposal to the ASR Africa Abuja office
Which organizations are eligible to apply?
ASR Africa grants are opened for all International organization, African countries.
Is there a registration fee to be paid?
No, registration and application is FREE
What is the next step after applying?
Applications go through ASR Africa review processes. All applications are reviewed and scrutinized to ensure they meet the ASR Africa requirement
How do I know if my application was accepted?
Successful applications will be responded to via the email address used during registration process

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